Climate. Contagion. Conflict. Conformity.

Every life is full of stress. Everyone needs support. We empower you to build resilience, perseverence & determination.

Our Vision

Increase the psychological capital of every individual and hence the society by removing stigma and empowering everyone with tools, solutions and access to preventive mental health support.
  • Generate Psychological Capital to deal with future
  • Have the power to tackle what life throws your way
  • Get help with trauma, distress & serious issues

For urgent help, find a therapist or doctor using our AI-driven proprietary mental health marketplace.

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Premium Services

How we work

Mental health journey is a unique personalized experience for all, much like the mental health issues. With this belief, we empower people with a set of tools & solutions for self-help, journaling & groups for community support, on-call medical practitioners & counsellors, and allied therapies.

Personalized Counselling

Connect with someone who matches your specific issues through our best-in-class AI-based mental health marketplace

Support Groups

See how others facing the same challenges as you are tackling them. Share your experiences and help others too

Get Help

The best mental health experience is to engage in things that stimulates you. Dance, music, yoga, meditation, etc

Personal Journal

Express yourself freely, anonymously or write a personal diary. All in a committed, non-judgmental, safe space

Now Feature

Sometimes you just need to talk right away. Find a keen listener who can relieve your stress & make you peaceful

Solh Buddy

Your journaling and connected experience will help you connect with the right people for you to help mutually

Personalized Goal Setting

Goals are game-changers. They keep you going, lets you be true and help you achieve what you set out for

Mood Analytics

From morning blues and energetic noons to busy evenings and hyper nights, your moods resonate your thoughts to a great degree

Self Assessment

Take our psychometric tests to identify your current state and choose your mental health journey accordingly

Friends of Solh

Leading Experts, Professionals & Activists have joined hands to create a Solh-ful world

The Mann & De-Mann Story

They are 2 parts of your true self!

While De-Mann wants to be as chirpy and cool as Mann, his inner inhibitions which have been instigated by several negative life experiences restricts him. He is fearful of tomorrow and highly pessimistic, because he does not want to be hurt again.

Mann radiates a positive energy, yet he never lets go of his friend. He understands where De-Mann ’s negative experiences are coming from and is always all ears to anything he has to say.

Together they can cross the horizon aiming towards a new dawn, be best friends!

A non-judgmental, committed safe-space for your mental wellness journey is just one tap away!