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The Problem

The Problem

Why is there a need for immediate intervention?

The Problem

Why is there a need for immediate intervention?

Solh WellnessMaking Mental Health

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Did you know

You work on your Mental Health for more than 16 hours in a day?
Every action and every decision in your life involves your mental health. What you lack are the necessary Vocabulary, Tools and Framework to do it well
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Our Tools and Solutions

Self Help


Our self-help tools are free tools that you can use on your own on the platform, and have been designed to assist you in supporting your own mental health.

  • Self Assessment: Deep insights into your mental and emotional states.
  • Mood Analytics: Check emotional state, gain insights, and understand your mood.
  • Read & Learn: Engage with mental health awareness content.
  • Goal Settings: Track progress, set milestones, and stay motivated.
Community Support

Community Support

Humans are inherently social beings; therefore, building strong communities helps foster mental well-being for everyone. Solh provides an online 24x7 community where you can anonymously share experiences, seek & offer support, connect with others going through similar challenges and be your true self.

  • Journaling: Create a safe space for self-expression and reflection.
  • Support Groups: Connect with like-minded individuals and find community.
  • Anonymity: Privacy and freedom to address mental health challenges.
  • Solh Buddy: Supportive guidance throughout your journey.
Expert Services

Expert Services

Understanding one's own mental health can be challenging at times, and clinical interventions can be of great help here. Along with our free resources and tools, we provide support through mental health professionals ranging from clinical to allied therapists.

  • Clinical Intervention: Access qualified mental health professionals.
  • Allied Therapies: Personalized stimulation through yoga, art, and more.
  • Packages and Subscriptions: Flexible options for tailored support.
  • Talk Now: Instant connection for support when you’re feeling overwhelmed

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Are you an organization looking to improve the wellbeing of your employees?

Solh Employee Wellness Program (EWP)
  • Solh App Customizable access to the Solh Wellness App
  • Wellness Report Organizational Dashboard and Measurability
  • mental health Focus on employee mental health
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Mental Health and Sustainability

The United Nations (UN) has recognized mental health as a global development priority through its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Having a pioneering vision, Solh Wellness incorporates 8 out of 17 SDGs in its approach toward mental health.

SDG 1: No Poverty

High levels of stress, struggling to make ends meet, and inability to access mental healthcare resources can take a toll on mental wellbeing. Focusing on improving mental health as a cause as well as a consequence is crucial.

SDG 3: Good Health & Well-Being

Mental health is the cornerstone of overall health and wellbeing. Improvements in mental health can have an impact on physical health, and vice versa.

SDG 4: Quality Education

Mental health plays a crucial role in providing a holistic approach to education, empowering students to flourish academically, emotionally, and interpersonally.

SDG 5: Gender Equality

Good mental health is the foundation for gender equality, enabling individuals of all genders to break free from societal constraints and achieve true empowerment.

SDG 8: Decent Work & Economic Growth

Mental well-being enables a productive workforce, reduces absenteeism and turnover rates, and promotes a positive work environment that enhances job satisfaction and economic prosperity.

SDG 10
SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities

By addressing mental health disparities and promoting equal access to mental health resources and support, we can work towards reducing inequalities and creating a more inclusive society.

SDG 11
SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Building safe and resilient cities boosts mental well-being, from workplaces to homes; as we protect our planet's health, we safeguard our minds too.

SDG 13
SDG 13: Climate Action

The adverse impacts of climate change, such as extreme weather events, food and water scarcity, and displacement, lead to stress, anxiety, and psychological distress among individuals and communities.

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