Challenges faced by NGO Workers:

  • Responsibility Overload: Immense responsibility trying to fill in social gaps
  • Financial Uncertainty: Limited funds and difficulties in securing continuous funding
  • Emotional Burden: Witnessing poverty, injustice, and inequality can cause emotional exhaustion.
  • Lack of Support: Limited resources and inadequate training can leave workers feeling vulnerable
  • High Expectations: High expectations from communities they serve and donors who support their work, creating pressure and anxiety.
  • Work-Life Imbalance: Long hours, fieldwork, and limited resources, can disrupt work-life balance.

How Solh Wellness Can Help:

  • Specialized Counseling Packages
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Community Support
  • Crisis Support
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Accessible resources
Nurture your mental wellbeing with Solh Wellness
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