A Comprehensive Curation for Corporates

Are your employees increasingly unable to cope with the challenges of work? Is stress affecting their mental health and productivity? Is it ultimately having a detrimental effect on the organization and work quality?

We provide corporates with all kinds of packages so they, too, can become an advocate for mental health. From taking care of an employee in the next cubicle, to making mental health measurable, our solutions cater to your every need.

How Mental Health Intervention Can Benefit Corporates

Employee Wellness Program

Cultivate a healthier, more productive workforce through Solh’s Employee Wellness Program. Effectively cater to every employee’s mental health needs.

  • Customizable access to Solh Wellness App
  • Organizational Wellness Report
  • Organizational Dashboard
  • Tailor-made Workshops
  • Screening and Assessment
  • Individual Counseling

Organizational Dashboard: Making Mental Health Measurable

Our dashboard gives data-driven, actionable solutions to more effectively manage your workforce.

  • Real-time employee wellness dashboard
  • Actionable insights based on dashboard data
  • Personalized reports for overall progress & areas of improvement

Co-branding Workshops

Choose us as a mental health partner for your next organizational workshop.

  • Customizable content according to your organization
  • Backed by mental health professionals
  • Interactive sessions


Choose Solh as part of your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives.

  • Help us solve the harder problems in mental health
  • Make a visible impact on global mental health and show you care
  • Be a part of impacting UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs)
Nurture your mental wellbeing with Solh Wellness
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