About Us

Our world is one that doesn’t consider mental health to be an actual concern. And yet, there are millions of people who are fighting intense inner battles, while having no one who understands them or gives them a solution.

We strongly believe that everyone should be able to get mental health support; that it is a universal human right. And to make this vision a reality, we came up with Solh Wellness.

Solh Wellness is a preventive mental health platform that is helping people increase their psychological capital by empowering them with the tools, vocabulary and framework that they need on their journey to mental wellness.

We make it possible for everyone to get mental health support, no matter their social or economic background.

We understand that this journey is non-linear - no two individuals can benefit from the same methods. Everyone’s needs are different and can’t be treated with the same methods. That’s why, we take special care to make the solutions personalized for YOU.

With Solh Wellness, you are always heard, understood, and cared for.

Solh Wellness

What ‘Solh’ Means

Our motive is to help people find inner calm. And we wanted our name to represent and evoke the same feelings. We found the perfect name to represent us with the word ‘Solh.’

  • For Our Global audience, it’s an arabic word meaning making peace (like soul)
  • For our Arabic speaking audience, it’s صلح meaning making peace
  • For our Hindi speaking audience, it’s सुलह meaning making peace

Solh (Hindi: सुलह , Arabic: صلح) essentially means making peace. It is how we view an ideal state of mind to be. And it is what we want you to achieve.

What our Logo Means

Mann is the optimistic side of our personality - chirpy, cool and carefree.

Demann is the other side of the coin - pessimistic, fearful and careful.

Alone they can only achieve so much, but when they come together, they can cross any horizon!

Mann Demann

Our Mission

Solh Wellness’s mission is to make mental health support affordable, 24x7 accessible, personalized and accepted across the world by providing an AI driven non-judgmental safe space for people to express themselves & seek support to prevent clinically diagnosed mental disorders. We will decrease depression and anxiety in youth, replacing it with resilience, perseverance and determination to act by empowering them with personalized tools, solutions, counseling and structured therapies to lead more positive, happier, and healthier lives while pursuing improvement towards better mental health.

Our Vision

Increase the psychological capital of every individual and hence the society by removing stigma and empowering everyone with tools, solutions and access to preventive mental health support.

Our Values

Our Team

A combination of experience and expertise in technology, marketing, and psychiatry, coupled with the power of community and youth - our team has it all. We bring fresh ideas, innovative solutions, and perspectives to all our engagements.

Mr. Kapil Gupta

CEO & Co-Founder

Mental Health Activist

An engineer, author, marketing expert, and mental health activist, our CEO is the jack of all trades and master of furthering the cause of mental health.

Dr. Tarun Sehgal


Senior Psychiatrist & Expert

A distinguished mental health expert, Dr. Sehgal brings his expertise to craft the best solutions to tackle the mental health issues of contemporary times.

Ms. Muskan Gupta


Head of Youth Outreach

Friends of Solh


Why choose us?

Intrinsic Value vs Valuation

Be the trusted platform for mental wellness and rest will follow

Stellar team

Digital and mental-health experts. The right tech intervention is the key

Experience, Expertise & Know-How

Both in the founding team and in the execution team

Proven Track Record

Multiple successful ventures with proven record of profit and scale

Psychological Capital

Points in the platform making it all measurable

Nurture your mental wellbeing with Solh Wellness
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