Solh: Stories of Impact

On this page, you shall discover how we work to spread our love of wellness outside of our studio walls. We're dedicated to improving our community and think that everyone should have access to means of subsistence. With this thought, we present a few stories, Solh: Stories of Impact.

This page highlights our numerous community projects and programs. Interesting case studies help you better grasp the beneficial contributions we've made to our community. See how we've worked with various organizations, cultivated relationships, and given them the tools they need to harness the power of wellness and realize their greatest potential.

Learn how SOLH is contributing to creating a happier, healthier community.

Solh Wellness

Solh: Impact story 1 - 100 Schools of Program

Solh Wellness organized 12 mental health workshops as a part of the Gyan Kanya Shakti Initiative, which is a component of the 100 School Program by the Mobius Foundation. This project focuses on adopting and managing government schools in rural Uttar Pradesh to transform and empower the lives of underprivileged girls through quality education. By adopting these schools, the foundation aims to create a nurturing environment that supports girls' holistic development and brings about a positive change in their lives.

Nurture your mental wellbeing with Solh Wellness
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