Even before COVID-19, rates of behavioral health illness were on the rise. But after the pandemic, mental health has accelerated into a crisis and has become a pandemic itself, with health care workers in particular facing high levels of stress and burnout.

healthcare workers

Healthcare Worker

  • Long working hours and high workload
  • Not being able to spend time with family
  • Exposure to traumatic situations
  • Moral distress in cases of failure
  • Physical demands of the job
  • Lack of deserved recognition


  • Physical and emotional toll of illness
  • Social isolation
  • Healthcare costs and related financial concerns
  • Side effects of medication
  • Increased susceptibility to mental health issues.


  • Financial strain
  • Lack of support
  • Lack of respite to take a break from their responsibilities
  • Physical strain
  • Difficulty balancing caregiving with other roles

How Solh Wellness Can Help:

  • Mental Health Support and Workshops: for hospital staff, patients, as well as caregivers
  • Collaboration: Work in collaboration to streamline physical and mental healthcare services.
  • Provider Panel for Mental Health Professionals: Solh Provider Panel is designed to make the life of mental healthcare providers easier
  • Mental Health Resources: Access to a wealth of information and tools to better understand mental health
Nurture your mental wellbeing with Solh Wellness
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