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Solh Provider Panel

India's first mental health counselling software

Solh Provider Panel is a web-based application integrated with the mobile app for Clinicians & mental health service providers to quickly deliver online therapies to their patients.

Solh Provider Panel
Make your life as a Mental Health Provider easier
Improved Patient Care Improve Patient Care

Solh provider panel makes the counselling process hassle-free to help you concentrate more on patients.

Reduce No Shows Reduce No Shows

Integrated Appointment reminders ensure that your patients never miss scheduled appointments.

Streamline Your Life Streamline Your Life

Predefine your timings and availability for patients to book appointments and sessions.

Go Paperless Go Paperless

Save paper, save money. Welcome to the new age of digital practice.

Reach Wider Audience Reach Wider Audience

People seeking medical help can reach out to you from around the world, isn't it amazing?

100% Security 100% Security

Security is at the centre when you are working in mental wellness services. We know it and we have ensured it.

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Video Consultation

Video Consultation

A platform for doctors to provide online consultation to their patients using our secure software. Patients can book video consultations from the web or mobile app. Helping you treat global patients remotely.

Appointment Management

Appointment Management

Manage your schedule and appointments easily, you can set your availability for sessions and also define off hours. The scheduling systems help you predefine holidays and set days when you are not available.

Notes and data

Notes and data

You will be able to take notes between sessions, add remarks that you can refer to in the future, fill up a detailed MSE and keep a complete patient record.

Document Management

Document Management

Patients can also upload their reports and other test data which would be available on the platform. Whenever there is a requirement to transfer the doctor, the whole data can be shared with another doctor after patient consent to make the service provider's life easy.

Servers and Security

Servers and Security

Solh provider panel is a cloud-based software which means that you will automatically get all the upgrades for free. No more worry about installation of data, software updates or data corruption on your local computer, Hosted on an industry-leading AWS platform, we keep a backup of your data multiple times in a day.

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