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Solh’s programs for schools and educational institutes work extensively on student’s and teacher’s mental well-being, improving cognitive function, aiding in understanding, and boosting creative, innovative thinking.

Mental health challenges

Why Schools and Educational Institutes Need Mental Health Intervention

  • Mental health challenges faced by students and teachers
  • Increased stress levels - for both students and teachers
  • Challenges faced by neurodiverse kids
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Challenges by teachers in catering to neurodiverse kids
  • Substance use
  • Bullying and violence
Education is fundamental for achieving full human potential, developing an equitable and just society, and promoting national development. - NEP 2020

Our aim at Solh Wellness is to put the 'mental' in fundamental!

Solh Wellness App

What we provide

  • Customizable access to the Solh Wellness App
  • Institutional Wellness Report
  • Neurodiversity Sensitization and Inclusion Programs
  • Tailor-made Workshops for Students
  • Screening and Assessment
  • Training Programs for Teachers

What do schools get

  • A more holistic approach to schooling
  • Improved concentration and participation of students
  • Effectively cater to neurodiversity
  • Ideal learning environment
  • Increased creativity
  • Better mental health for both teachers and students
Better mental health
Make learning measurable beyond marks

Go beyond marks scored on a test - at Solh Wellness, we believe in taking a more holistic approach to learning and development.

Mental Health and SDG 4: Quality Education

Mental health plays a crucial role in providing a holistic approach to education, empowering students to flourish academically, emotionally, and interpersonally.

SDG 4: Quality Education
  • Target 4.1: Ability to access quality education depends on mental health
  • Target 4.4: Mental health as an important vocational skill
  • Target 4.7: Importance of mental health for sustainable development
  • Target 4.a: Promoting disability and gender sensitivity

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