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There lived two friends, Mann and Demann, who were as different as fire and ice. While Mann was chirpy, cool, hopeful, and carefree (basically optimism personified), Demann was… not so optimistic. Demann dared not to take any step without thinking it over thousands of times. His fear of the unknown frequently led him to miss out on important life lessons and experiences.

He wasn’t the life of the party like Mann. People often wondered why they were even friends. But only Mann and Demann knew that they worked best as a team. You see, Mann helped Demann take on a positive approach to life, to do things that scared him, to have hope when everything seemed to go wrong. And Demann, on the other hand, helped Mann make rational choices, to not go blindly with the flow. He helped Mann stay grounded.

So, they may be as different as fire and ice. But they both were essential elements that needed to coexist as a part of a bigger whole.

Do you recognize some pattern here? We are essentially both Mann and Demann. Our mind consists of both negative and positive thought systems that affect how we live our lives. We can’t just substitute one for the other and need both to function as thriving and rational human beings. With the concept of Mann and Demann, we wanted to represent the two sides of the human psyche.

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