Anorexia Nervosa: Understanding Symptoms and Treatment Options

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Anorexia Nervosa: Understanding Symptoms and Treatment Options

A life threatening eating disorder that causes a person to restrict their food intake. The common trait of anorexia in individuals is the fear of being overweight, societal pressure or depression. Typically Anorexia begins in women at the age of 15, but like any other disorder it can affect anyone. Almost 4% of women and 0.3% of male experience Anorexia worldwide.

Signs of Anorexia in a person

Specific behavioral indicators of anorexia include refusing to eat in front of others, engaging in excessive exercise to burn calories, and concealing their bodies in baggy clothing. Some people even establish rituals around their eating, such as slicing it into tiny pieces or rearranging the food on their plate to appear to have consumed more than they actually have.

The person with this disorder might also show symptoms like:

-Dizzy spells and faintness
-Extreme tiredness (fatigue)
-Extremely restrictive eating
-Intense fear of gaining weight
-Loss of periods or failure to begin a menstrual cycle
-Loss or fluctuation of body fat and muscle
-Poor circulation (constantly feeling cold)
-Skin that is yellowed, dry, or covered in soft hair 
-Taking diet pills or aids
-Talking about weight or food all the time
-Suicidal thoughts or actions

Dangers of Anorexia

Anorexia is related to serious medical issues. Malnutrition, low blood pressure, slower respiration and pulse, as well as harm to the heart and heart function, are all possible effects. Additionally, it may result in electrolyte imbalance and severe dehydration.

Origins of Anorexia

Anorexia's precise origin is unknown but it's likely a result of a combination of biological, psychological, and environmental variables. Although the genes that are involved are still unknown, some people may be more susceptible to developing anorexia due to genetic abnormalities.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT is by far the best therapy proven effective in this disorder. Family-based treatment (FBT) may be suggested for young people with anorexia. If you are someone who is suffering from this disorder or know someone who is fighting this illness, connect with us and book your appointment at Solh Wellness.  Solh Wellness is India’s first mental health marketplace and also provides all necessary tools & solutions along with all necessary preventive tips.