Untold Solh | From Shadows to Strength: Breaking Free from Eating Disorder

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Untold Solh | From Shadows to Strength: Breaking Free from Eating Disorder

In the heart of Mumbai, amidst the bustling streets and kaleidoscope of life, I seemed like any other confident and poised city girl, but my reflection in the mirror hid a secret battle. It was a fight against anorexia that was taking over me.

It all began with the pressure to fit into what society thinks is beautiful, mixed with the stress of school expectations. This led me into the grip of an eating disorder. I wanted control over my life, but it turned into unhealthy eating habits that left me tired, both physically and mentally.

As the numbers on the scale dropped, so did my self-esteem. The mirror didn't show the real me but a distorted image influenced by my disorder. Mentally, it was a tough struggle – every meal felt like a war between getting proper nourishment and the fear of gaining weight.

Talking about mental health is not easy in a society that sometimes doesn't understand. I faced the extra challenge of dealing with my issues alone. The shame I felt made me build walls around myself, keeping me away from the support I really needed. But deep down, I held on to a tiny bit of strength.

My turning point didn't come from others but from a seed of strength within me. I realized the path I was on was hurting me, so I decided to seek help. Opening up to a trusted friend showed me the power of sharing and the support waiting for me outside my self-made walls.

Professional help became my guide as with the help of therapy, I addressed both the physical and mental aspects of my disorder. With counseling, advice on nutrition, and the unwavering support of my loved ones, I started a journey towards healing.

Recovery wasn't easy or straightforward. Challenges were everywhere, but my inner strength kept me going. Every day, I worked on rebuilding my relationship with food, breaking free from harmful thoughts, and embracing a new self-love that went beyond what society expects.

Now, I stand strong, a reminder that even in tough times, there's strength within us. My story is for those silently facing their struggles – healing is possible, and every step forward is worth it.

Through my struggles, I discovered more than just recovery. I found a resilient and honest self, unapologetically embracing who I am.

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