Why We Changed Our Mood Meter: Decoupling Emotions

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Why We Changed Our Mood Meter: Decoupling Emotions

Moods and emotions are fundamental aspects of human psychology; there is a close interplay between them. Moods can be understood as our overarching emotional state, reflecting our emotional well-being over extended periods. They persist for hours, days, or even weeks, creating an emotional backdrop for our daily life experiences. For example, someone in a positive mood may carry feelings of contentment, happiness, and optimism throughout the day.

This prevailing mood serves as a lens through which we interpret and respond to events and stimuli. When we encounter specific situations, our mood can significantly influence how we perceive those events. If we are in a positive mood, we are more inclined to view events favorably. Conversely, if we are in a negative mood, our perspective may skew towards interpreting events in a harmful or distressing manner.

Emotions, in comparison, are typically shorter-lived and more intense than moods, often tied to specific events or triggers. They are, however, closely related to emotions - when our mood aligns with a particular feeling, it can amplify that emotion's intensity. Conversely, when our mood contrasts with a specific emotion, it may dampen the intensity of that emotion.

While emotions and moods are distinct psychological states, they are interconnected, and our current mood can significantly impact the specific emotions we experience in response to life's various situations and challenges.

Upgradation of Mood Meter in Solh App   

Understanding the interconnection of moods and emotions while also viewing them as two separate facets of the human psyche, we have brought changes in our mood meter. Now, instead of just choosing your mood, you can also pick the emotions you are feeling which best reflect your current mood.

For instance, if you're feeling very positive, you can select from emotions like peaceful, confident, happy, energetic, or excited. And if your emotion isn't on the list, no worries! You can simply type it in under the "Other" option.


Mood tracking and learning to identify what emotions you’re feeling is an important part of developing self-awareness. Therefore, we want to make sure you can express yourself in the best way possible. That's why we've made these helpful changes to our "Mood Meter."

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