Deal with your emotions with the right approach

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Deal with your emotions with the right approach

Are you trying to bury and silence your emotions?
Wake up and deal with it before that emotion buries you instead. You can close your eyes to the things you don't want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you don't want to feel.

There are conquering winds generating an emotional monsoon. They are ramping up a congested feeling through your lungs where you might feel it's impossible to control or breathe out. But trust me, you are on the edge where if you learn to control your emotions, you'll swiftly drift into a zone where no one can stir your shackle.

You are a celestial delicacy. Despite the many pieces of emotions running wild throughout your veins, you are stronger than you think. Don't allow your emotions to control your reactions! Being able to regulate your emotions can help you handle life situations much better.

Honor yourself. 
You have plenty of choices. 
You can give less to others and more to yourself. 
You can walk away from those that are draining you and limit the time you spend with them. 
You can increase the love and care you give yourself. 
You can surround yourself with those who lift you and love you without expecting anything back. 
You can love and be loved, but you must first love yourself.

Let it RAIN...
RECOGNIZE: Identify the emotions 
ALLOW: All emotions are temporary 
INVESTIGATE: Examine the accuracy of your thought that led to the emotion 
NON-IDENTIFICATION: Separate yourself from the harsh feelings

Solh Wellness' psychologists, therapists, and counselors give you an in-depth look into your emotions. You will learn how to recognise them in the first place and what exercises could be helpful to regulate and process them in the best possible way. ⁠