How Reading Books Changes your Mind

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How Reading Books Changes your Mind

Reading books can be therapeutic, a great escape, and often leave you more empathetic and profoundly more competent. They can give you insights into the minds of people you couldn’t imagine or show you the perspectives you could never have arrived at if left to your own devices. These stories printed in the words of pages are like magic that transports your dream world that you can’t touch, but you know they are as real as you are. Books bring answers to the questions you have always had and new questions to the answers you were sure you had. They develop our theory of the mind and make us understand how others have gone through the same life we are.    

How reading books change our minds:      

1. Reading books strengthens our minds     

Reading books engages our minds in so many ways that it leaves them strengthened. It activates the centers in your mind that you’d if you were actually living the lives described in the novels and also creates connections of true experiences that you can use in your real life. It makes you simulate events that prepare your brain for real life.    

2. Reading increases your empathy    

Books are like doorways to other worlds and into the minds of people you have never met. Many kinds of research have shown that reading books increase your ability to connect with and understand others better. It increases your empathy, allows you to connect with cultures that are truly foreign to you, and helps you sympathize with the human condition.    

3. Reading builds your vocabulary  

It is no secret that reading books strengthen your vocabulary, allows you to diversify your language, and helps you express yourself more cognitively. This ability opens up several avenues in life and grows the crowds that you can connect with and thus pays off in several fields of business and society. A robust and diverse vocabulary is not just good for your communication skills but also for your deep thinking skills, and thus it expands your thought capacity.    

4. Reading stops cognitive decline in old age  

You would be glad that you read so many novels in your life when you reach old age and find your peers suffering from cognitive decline but find yourself still growing strong. It is known that people who challenge their brains in old age can keep their intelligence for longer while battling the degradation of their brains due to old age. But to make sure that you are your most healthy self for as long as possible, it is advised to start as soon as possible and keep the habit of reading life-long.    

5. Reading reduces stress  

Consolation from imaginary things is not imaginary consolation, which means reading enables your emotional intelligence and allows you to deal with situations. Reading is truly therapeutic as it can alleviate symptoms of stress and depression, as it is just as good of an escape and the ideal exercise for the brain.    

Reading enables all these effects and helps you expand your knowledge and expertise.    

Always remember that fools learn from experience, but wise learn from reading history. So, happy reading!