What is Eating Disorder: Types and Causes

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What is Eating Disorder: Types and Causes

Eating Disorder is a condition that is still not taken seriously in today’s world much like mental health. In a way it is a mental disorder where an individual struggles with his eating habits due to mental pressure. According to research , around 9% of the world population is suffering from this disorder. The root cause of this complicated illness varies from individual’s biological, psychological, and environmental factors.

Types of Eating Disorder: 

To understand the different causes of eating disorders it is vital to understand the categories of it. Over the years different researchers have categorized it in 8-12 kinds, but it can be generalized in just three categories for simple understanding.

-Anorexia: This kind of eating disorder occurs in individuals who become obsessed with their weight gain and try avoiding food or starving themselves to reduce it. It is generally found in  young people who are obsessed with following a particular body type.

-Bulimia: This kind of disorder is similar to Anorexia but individuals in this category try drastic measures to get rid of weight gain.

-Binge Eating Disorder: Individuals who take up compulsive eating as their way to get out of stress and depression falls into this category.

Genetic factor of Eating Disorder: 

Individuals coming from a family with a history of eating disorder are at a higher risk of developing this illness on their own. According to twin study research 40% to 60% of the risk for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder arises from genetic influence. Individuals are likely to develop eating habits while growing up and observing their surroundings in the family.

Environmental factor of Eating Disorder: 

Attempting to fit in with social norms has undoubtedly had an impact on innumerable individuals. Believing that attractiveness is equated with being thin, and taking drastic measures for it, is a prime factor of emerging eating disorder behaviors. 

A Sudden Trauma: 

A sudden accident or death in the family can cause an individual to go through stress and anxiety. It can lead to both compulsive eating or purging habits depending on the individuals. People take such drastic measures to get an escape from the depressive state they are in.


Many people still consider Eating Disorder as a taboo subject or refuse to admit it. It is just like any other illness and can be cured with the right counseling and treatment. If you are also struggling with eating disorder and want to get out of this cycle, connect with us at Solh Wellness. We will make sure that you get the best help from our expert mental health practitioners. For more information, please visit Solh Wellness or download our app.