5 ways Parents Can Help Their Child Beat Exam Stress!

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5 ways Parents Can Help Their Child Beat Exam Stress!

The growing competition in today's world and the stress caused by it is not new news in today's world. But the repercussions of this competition can be seen in the upcoming generation at a very young age. Long-term stress caused by exams and academic activities could be a trigger point in an individual's anxiety and depression. There are ways where parents could learn the signs of Exam Stress in their kids and learn ways how to overcome it.

Signs of Exam Stress    

Specific changes in habits could be the sign in a child that a parent could observe if their child is going through exam stress.

  • Feeling tense
  • Having headaches and stomach pains
  • Not sleeping well
  • Being irritated
  • Decrease or increase in appetite 
  • Not enjoying activities that are previously enjoyed
  • Low mood 
  • Feeling hopeless about the future

Here are five ideas to help your child deal with exam anxiety:    

1. Getting Enough Sleep    

Focus and thinking are enhanced by adequate sleep. Teenagers often require 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night.Encourage your child to take a good night sleepy by giving 30 minutes of a gap to wind down between studying, watching TV, or using the computer and going to bed is helpful. Typically, studying all night before a test is not a good idea. Sleep is much more advantageous to teenagers than a quick burst of last-minute study.

2. Talking about Exam Stress    

Feeling nervous or anxious before the exam is a normal thing. But it shouldn't exceed the limit. Encourage the child to practice the tasks they will complete on test day if anxiousness hinders them. This will make it seem less threatening.

3. Exercising    

Physical activities help children in releasing stress. Studies show that individuals who exercise more are likely to be less affected by stress. Group activities are particularly helpful in exam stress.

4. Don't increase the pressure    

Criticizing the kids for their low performance is really a lousy way to deal with exam stress. Children need assistance, comfort, and assurance in their life. Assuring them that failing does not spell doom and that if things don't work out, they could be eligible to retake the test can help. Instead of concentrating on the questions they found challenging, talk about the aspects that went well. Instead of concentrating on things that cannot be altered, move on and focus on the upcoming test.

5. Recreational activities    

Recreational activities between studies are proven to be the best stress busters for example art ; doing painting and crafts for home is a fun way to make your child destress . Offering rewards for accomplished tasks can boost the morale of a child. Rewards do not have to be substantial or pricey. Simple activities like cooking their preferred food or watching TV can be included.


It is always advisable to connect to a professional if your child is dealing with long-term exam stress. Certain useful parenting tips to overcome exam stress can really help you and your children. At Solh Wellness, we will help you to reach out to the best counselors according to your needs.