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Why Choose Solh Wellness?

Mental health of a student is suffering and creating a very challenging and stressful environment where the student can not focus on their studies. We empower the students to get the right personalized mental wellness solution.

We aim to provide the student

  • Availability of counselors 24/7 ensures improved psychological capital
  • Higher productivity & student output with lower levels of stress
  • Personalized support structure as per the individual support needs of a student

We also conduct group workshops in schools to identify key issues among the students like attachment issues, separation anxiety, school refusal, communication issues, anxiety patterns, conduct-related issues, excessive internet use, hyperactivity, exam-stress, bullying, image issues, etc.

Our specialized service helps you overcome exam stress.


Stress tracking/Mood tracker

The best way to know what you mind is going through is to track how you feel over a period of time and let the data speak


Personalized counseling

Connect with an expert professional who can help you perform up to your capability


Goal Setting

Goals are game-changers. They keep you going, let you be true and help you achieve what you set out for

It’s time to say bye bye to exam stress with our personalized tools and solutions.

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