4 Most Common Relationship Problems & What to do about it

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4 Most Common Relationship Problems & What to do about it

The most common kind of question asked by couples in counseling sessions is, “How to not have problems in a relationship?” The idea of a perfect relationship without any arguments or dispute is fallacious. A relationship takes a lot of hard work and daily efforts to make it work. The problems in a relationship are inevitable but how individuals deal with it decides the longevity of the relationship.   

Following are the common problems faced by couples in a relationship:        

1. Financial Issues       

One of the most frequent issues that lead to tension in a relationship is finance. Money problems can generate conflict in a relationship, whether it's due to having different financial resources, having different opinions on the value of money, or having different spending habits. This particularly happens if there is a power disparity, such as when one partner has greater financial means and the other feels like they are indebted to their partner.        

2. Losing Interest       

No relationship is easy, and some couples eventually become disinterested in working towards it. Relationship problems can arise when partners are neglected or needs are not taken into consideration. Long time negligence in each other's life results in lack of interest in a relationship.       

3. Lack of Personal Space       

Giving a partner time and attention is as well as important as giving them space. Without a personal space, individuals often feel suffocated in a relationship. People who feel restrained, oppressed, or that their spouse is continuously bugging them will have trouble maintaining their intimate relationship.       

4. Dependency       

Individuals who frequently put their partner's demands ahead of their own and who are prone to becoming easily dependent on others have a hard time maintaining romantic partnerships. But there's more to it than that. Individuals who constantly manage their partners or who easily get envious of them find it difficult to  maintain relationships , especially when these traits are combined with a propensity to demand too much from their partners.    

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What to do when your relationship is struggling:        

1. Self-care       

Whenever the relationship struggles it is very important to look after yourself. The arguments and disputes in the relationship can affect the physical and mental health of an individual. Self-care also makes a person more able to deal with the stress, tension, and issues of a relationship efficiently.        

2. Talk about your feelings       

Sometimes talking out loud about the issues in the relationship really helps the couples to get an overview of their problems. Talking to a counselor or someone trustworthy is also a good option to deal with relationship stress.       

3. Start Communicating again       

The lack of communication is the key factor in most of the failed relationships. It is always advisable to talk about the problems in a relationship with the partner thoroughly.       

4. Taking a break       

Sometimes being apart from the partner can give a clear perspective to think about the priorities in a relationship.        


While it's common to go through ups and downs in a relationship, if problems seem to recur frequently like relationship violence and abuse, then it;’s time to seriously think about it.    

If you’re struggling with your relationship and afraid that it is affecting your mental health then taking relationship counseling at Solh Wellness could be the first step towards the betterment of your life.