Why India Needs Solh App?

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Why India Needs  Solh App?

India, a country of over 1.4 billions souls, is going through a huge mental health pandemic. The problem is so dire that most of the people don’t even acknowledge it or gaslight others into believing that it is not a big deal even if it manifests. Scores of people kill themselves every year in this country for reasons like parental, peer and societal pressure over education, performance, work, sexuality and even relationships. This is a country of passion as it manifests so much in our media and yet most of us are punished for having such passions just because it does not suit the image of the ideal society.      

This is the 21st century and yet the minds of the people are still ringing with ancient ideals that have no functioning value today and yet are still binding people into acting a certain way. Women are dogmatized, brutalized and tortured to even expressing opinions of their own and men are pressurized into being toxic masculine patriarchs regardless of their own choices. All of this is justified in the name of tradition and is slowly eating us away. Literacy for mental health is so low that most of these issues are addressed as ghostly possessions or curses from gods even now.       

It doesn’t come off as a surprise when we find even our leaders prescribing to archaic and delusional views about mental health and guide others to do the same. Broken, dissociated, misguided and alone; most people suffering from these issues end up being forsaken and ostracized from loved ones and are often blamed themselves for having these issues.       

Depression is classified as non-existent or ridiculed with what-about-ism even though it impacts almost 20% of us. Anxiety is considered a weakness while insecurity can simply be cured by smiling more. Women are still harassed and objectified outside while chastised and patronized inside. Men, on the other hand, are picturised to be emotionless or painless which is hardly ever the case. Do you see it? The fundamental way of how we look at each other is toxic in itself. How much of a tragedy is this that even the ideal versions of ourselves are prime examples of mental health disasters?      

Men without emotions are called sociopaths and goddesses like women are called narcissists. Now do you see how insidious and dangerous the mental health pandemic in this country is? We have so much potential, intellect and passion and yet we are so crippled that most of it goes to waste or serving richer countries. This is why India needs a Solh. We need to grow conscious at a country level and address our mental issues, break its stigma and constantly work to better ourselves. The revolution outside may take a while but the revolution inside is in your hands right now and just a click away.       

The Solh Wellness app is a place without judgment and stigma and has a network of top psychologists and therapists to take care of all your mental health needs. We have people who are just like you and can understand what you’re going through even if the people around you can’t. You can set your goals and get daily motivation to work upon them. You will be checked regularly and can instantaneously get better help through emergency counseling services. You can compare psychologists of your choosing through the marketplace and share your journey for others to get inspired by. Join conversations, share connections, and help each other in beating this psychological evil. Join the Solh app now.