Untold Solh: Unveiling My Identity

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Untold Solh: Unveiling My Identity

Welcome to another edition of Untold Solh, where we provide a platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds to share their stories. Today, we have the privilege of featuring an anonymous story from someone who identifies as bisexual. This brave individual will shed light on their journey and their challenges. Through this narrative, we hope to inspire empathy, understanding, and acceptance for all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

“Being bisexual and coming out has mostly been a positive experience for me because the people I surround myself with choose to educate themselves. However, sometimes the wrong people slip through. In India, the LGBTQ+ community is mostly restricted to lesbians and gay people, while bisexuals are often thought of as someone who "can't decide." I think the worst experience I have gone through is ignorance. When I was opening up to someone I trusted about my sexuality and ranting about how no one takes stuff like this seriously, their reply to all of this was, "All of that just to end up with a guy?". If that doesn't explain how people think bisexuality or any sexuality is a phase that people need to get over, I don't know what else does. When we were watching the news where the government was debating giving LGBTQIA+ individuals rights, I saw my father agreeing to it and saying that queerism is a "disease," refusing to acknowledge the struggles faced by them, and claiming all of it is just an attention-seeking stunt. 

The foreign media might have started accepting and showing accurate representations of sapphic relationships; however, the majority of the Bollywood/Indian entertainment industry either considers it taboo or fetishize such relationships. In the background, we can't even get our marriage legalized. 
Regardless of a few such instances, all of the reactions I have encountered after coming out to my friends have done nothing but bring me closer to them. While some people might consider being queer a "phase," a "sin," or an "attention-seeking stunt," I am sure I still have people who will never invalidate my experience or reduce me to nothing but my sexual orientation.”


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Let us stand in solidarity, honor the untold stories, and create a brighter and more inclusive future for all.