Untold Solh | Revolution Against Patriarchy: My Path to Vulnerability and Healing!

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Untold Solh | Revolution Against Patriarchy: My Path to Vulnerability and Healing!

Growing up, I learned a simple rule: "Boys don't cry." It stuck with me, shaping how I expressed myself.  It was a mantra that shaped my childhood, teaching me to shroud my emotions in a veil of stoicism. Today, I am a man molded by the expectations ingrained in the very fabric of our society.

As I tread the path of adulthood, those lessons clung to me like a shadow. A successful career and a seemingly perfect life were my armor, but within, a tempest brewed. The weight of societal expectations bore down on me, restricting the flow of my emotions.

Cracks in my emotional facade began to appear. A turmoil I couldn't fathom gripped me, and a profound sadness took residence within. The echoes of my upbringing collided with an innate yearning for emotional release.

The breaking point arrived on an ordinary day. The weight became unbearable, and I crumbled under the strain. In that moment of vulnerability, I acknowledged the truth—I needed help.

Professional guidance became my sanctuary. Within the walls of a therapist's office, I started dismantling the layers of conditioning that held me captive. The journey was arduous, but it was a path to transformation.

Untangling the threads of toxic masculinity, I discovered the strength in vulnerability. Tears shed and emotions laid bare became milestones of my progress. The therapist became a guiding light through the labyrinth of my suppressed feelings.

My story is not just mine; it mirrors a broader narrative of change. It speaks to a society where the expectations imposed on men often jeopardize their emotional well-being. My journey toward emotional availability became a quiet revolution, a rebellion against the norms that bound me.

In the busy streets of Mumbai, I found a new me. The tears that used to stay hidden became a sign of strength. Breaking free from the old rules felt good. By letting my feelings out, I found a kind of freedom. I hope this idea spreads to others like me.

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