Untold Solh - Prisha Lalwani | A mother of twins

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Untold Solh - Prisha Lalwani | A mother of twins

Motherhood can be a wild ride of emotions, from the joys of watching your child grow to the stresses of managing daily responsibilities. We'll explore her struggles and triumphs and discover the coping mechanisms she used to navigate the most challenging moments. Today, we are thrilled to share the Untold Solh story of Ms. Prisha Lalwani, a mother of twins.

"The moment I was identified as having a pregnancy, I was asked to be on bed rest. On my first check-up, the doctor doubted a cyst along with a fetus, and we rushed for an ultrasound. That is when we got to know it was twins! A Twin pregnancy sounds marvelous and exciting, but it also means that everything that happens to you in pregnancy is simply doubled.

I developed a high-risk pregnancy, and my mental health was in the worst state. I was almost always depressed. Heavy migraines, constant feelings of sadness and doom, extremely high risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension - I had it all. I was on a sugar-less diet, and I lost around 9kgs during my pregnancy. My hormones were not kind to me either. Being a PCOD person, the constant fear of losing the pregnancy, gaining mad amounts of weight, and being put on bed rest can do a lot to your mind and body, and none of it felt like nice things. The whole pregnancy, I was afraid, actually terrorized.

But by the efforts and grace of god, we delivered two beautiful and able weighted babies. It felt like I had overcome a feat! But there was more to come!

With twins, the constant getting ill, the constant crying, the constant feeding and cleaning session, and top it all with no sleep! Life was a disaster, and every day felt like I was a failure - like wanting and having kids was not the right thing to do. I was in my worst state of mental health, and honestly, I wished I could end it all. I did not feel anyone's love at that point - felt as if my life or death meant nothing to no one. But somehow, I just crossed one day at a time. Stumbling, fumbling, just taking one moment at a time.

Slowly, the kids reached 5-6 months of age and began to sleep through the night. They also started initial states of communication, smiling at me, responding to my voice, and wanting to be close to me. That is when it started getting better for me emotionally. They used to engage with me, and I spent time talking to them about things they did not understand. Sooner than I knew, they were the most beautiful things to happen to me. Their naughty habits, their games, and their interactions with each other - it felt like god chose me for the prettiest things ever!

Even though most days I counted as a blessing, a lot of days were spent dealing with physical ailments, mental fatigue and depression, hormonal changes, and the inability to keep up with their active selves. They were just 20 months old when I decided to put them in play school, and that got me some time for myself. I used to get a lot done by the time they were in school, and it helped with my overall feeling of self. In addition, they were happy and tired in the play area and rested well throughout the night too.

In those times, I slowly started to get back to some online content writing projects. It was more for personal satisfaction than for the money, and it was a great confidence booster to be able to do a little something for yourself. I still remember the first salary I made, I used it to buy myself a Philips straightener and hair dryer, and it meant so much to me.

Life carried on. I started some other things on the side and did that in my free time. That is how I gradually became a Blogger and Influencer. My kids were very difficult to raise until they were five years old. Thereafter, it's been better and easier. They are gradually becoming more and more independent, and it fills me with a sense of pride as to how far we have come together.

Along with my success, I also developed sicknesses like hypertension, hypertension-related headaches, tension, depression, anxiety, and maybe more. But now, I take my medications regularly and ensure that these problems stay put and do not interfere with my everyday functioning.

My mental health hit an all-time low when my children were around six years old. That is when I met a psychiatrist, and I realized that I should have consulted one sooner. I did not have to bear all the pain and carry it. I could have shunned it and begun recovery sooner. Those crazy levels of sadness and anxiety weren't mine to carry!!! It only caused suffering to me, my children, and my spouse. 

As a mother, it's important to seek support and take care of yourself. Celebrate even small achievements and be resilient. If you're not feeling well, seek help and treat both mental and physical health issues seriously. Take things one day at a time, and remember that failure doesn't last forever. Only you can make positive changes in your life, so seek help and take action."

~Ms. Prisha Lalwani 

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