Untold Solh | A Teenager's Journey of Resilience and Choice

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Untold Solh | A Teenager's Journey of Resilience and Choice

During the fragile years of my teenage life, I never could have foreseen one of the most challenging decisions a young girl might have to make – the decision to undergo an abortion.  

Teenage life is often imagined as a time filled with dreams, friendships, and the joys of growing up. But my path took an unexpected turn, and I found myself grappling with a situation I had never anticipated.  

Fear and uncertainty overwhelmed me, and the weight of my decision pressed down like an insurmountable burden. It was a journey through a tempest I never thought I'd have to endure.  

The circumstances that led me to this crossroads were intricate, but what remained undeniably clear was my determination to make the best choice for my future.  

The day I entered the clinic was a blend of emotions - fear, sorrow, and a glimmer of hope that I could regain control over my life. The healthcare professionals I encountered were compassionate and understanding, guiding me through the process and ensuring I had all the information I needed to make an informed decision.  

The days that followed were arduous, both emotionally and physically. I leaned on a trusted friend for support, someone who stood by me without judgment. Her unwavering presence was a beacon of light during my darkest hours.  

With time, I began the process of healing. I came to realize that my choice was about taking control of my future and making the best decision for myself in that moment. It was a deeply personal journey, one that tested me but also made me stronger.  

My story isn't just about the choice I made; it's a testament to the strength of young women who face difficult decisions during their teenage years. It's a reminder that the support of friends and compassionate healthcare professionals can make a world of difference in navigating such challenging moments.  

I share my story on the Solh App, a safe space where we support each other through our personal struggles. Whether it's teenage pregnancy, reproductive health, or any difficult decision, our compassionate community is here for you.  


To share your story or seek support, reach out to us at or send us a direct message. Your story will be treated with the utmost care and confidentiality.  

Your journey matters. Let's be there for each other during our toughest moments and show that there is strength and resilience in the face of adversity.