The Many Hues of The Human Personality!

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The Many Hues of The Human Personality!

Colour psychology is a field that studies the impact that colours have on our emotions and behaviour. Some have taken it a step further to predict a person's personality traits based on their colour preferences. It is a fun way to characterise personalities, even though the validity of these assessments might be questioned.  

Let’s take a look at the connotations of some everyday colours.  



The colour orange represents activity and excitement. Think fireworks, a flying spark or match flame. These fun-loving individuals are often humorous, witty and charming. Oranges love a challenge and appreciate recognition for their achievements. Oranges also prefer to lead, not follow. Oranges often learn by doing rather than reading or listening to a lecture. 


Black represents authenticity, dependability, and tradition. Blacks need structure and organisation to thrive. Lack of order can set a Black’s head spinning. Blacks value integrity and responsibility and often prove trustworthy friends and reliable employees. Crossing items off of a to-do list is the ultimate satisfaction for Black. It’s not all business for Blacks. They also take pride in being there for their loved ones and have strong family values. 



blue for its calming effects. The colour often represents emotional intensity and spirituality. The life of blue centers around people. Blues not only enjoy socialising but seek to make connections with others. Blues find happiness in harmonious relationships with coworkers, friends, family, and partners. When there’s conflict, blues go out of their way to find a solution. Their deep compassion and caring make them good communicators and caretakers. Blues also have strong imaginations and find joy in music, art, and entertainment. 



Greens meanwhile find meaning in innovation. The colour represents orderly systems like those found in nature. Greens are logical, intellectual and even philosophical. Their thirst for knowledge and understanding drives them toward discovery and problem-solving. Greens will likely turn to research and to help them make tough decisions. Their independent nature leads them to question the status quo and challenge authority.