Suicide And The Society

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Suicide And The Society

The world that we live in is not the only layer that we experience. Society for humans is as essential as air for a mammal. Our hierarchies, structures and state of the current affairs spurns out of this belief in the social good. But the social good is not always good for the majority of people who want freedom from this social contract as it fails them at every point. Same can be said for the suicidal and depressed population as their needs and wants are not met and instead they are ostracised for having these conditions. The outlook of the society against people suffering from mental disorders is such that suicide seems like a better way than actually living in the holds of this vicious society.    


But why did this happen? What led to this outlook that stays the same regardless of how many generations pass with these problems? The answer lies in the belief that the current system is the only system that can exist and there’s nothing better than continuing these traditions. The life we live today is tied so strongly with these old narrow-minded tribal outlook to life that most people can’t even express themselves freely and have to cope by burying trauma inside them.     

There are a myriad reasons for why people commit suicide. These reasons are deep rooted holes in our society that nobody wants to fix, so the gap between people with actual mental health problems and the people around them who believe that no problem exists is shocking to say the least. It all starts with our competition and factory styled education system. It is so poor in teaching children actual skills for living in the society that a huge percentage of students commit suicides in all cities of the country. The pressure to be perfect and have perfect grades breaks a lot of children in this country and yet hardly any measures are taken at the national scale that the number of suicides related to education are only spiking and seldom come down.    


Our communities are built this way that we ostracize anyone who does not fit the least common denominator of relationships and world views. A society that cannot live without people who think differently pressurizes and tortures that neurodivergence for being a curse and not just another state of human evolution. None of our cities, megastructures or science would exist if people always remained the same tribal monkey clans. All of these delights of modern life come from the people who dreamt to be different and suffered through life changing mental conditions.     


Forget about the neurodivergent people, even the neurotypical people can’t seem to stand the current chains of society. Nobody loves being vicious and full of negativity and yet due to how poorly we communicate, most of our interactions are flawed from the start. Misunderstandings and malintentions of the masses reflects upon our suicide, murder and general crime stats. All of this points to only one thing, the society has to change or else all people will suffer from this dunning kruger effect and cognitive dissonance that plagues the masses.