Solh Way: 16-Hour Theory

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Solh Way: 16-Hour Theory

People work on their Mental health for 16 HOURS a day, yet they achieve good mental and emotional well-being only "MINUTE"-LY.

Curious about how people invest 16 hours a day in enhancing their mental health and still struggle to attain and maintain optimal mental well-being? The answer is right here!

In a world where discussions on mental health usually revolve around yoga, meditation, therapy, or various wellness trends, people are unaware of the most basic concept that holds the key to our emotional well-being. This concept is what Solh Wellness calls the "16-Hour Theory."

Solh Wellness, a preventive mental health platform, has shared this eye-opening perspective with thousands of people in workshops, and it all begins with a simple question: "What do you do for your mental health?" Surprisingly, many respond with a resounding "nothing." Others may mention activities like yoga, meditation, gym sessions, travel, cooking, or therapy. But what very few recognize is that for more than 16 hours a day, every day, they are actively engaged in activities that impact their mental health, whether they realize it or not.

16-Hour Theory challenges people to see mental health in an entirely new light. It posits that nearly every aspect of everyone's daily lives, from the food they consume to the people they interact with and the places they go, contributes to their mental well-being. They are, in essence, continuously working towards their mental health goals through their everyday routines. The key lies in understanding the right Vocabulary, Tools, and Frameworks that can help them do so more effectively.

Defining Mental Health: 

Before diving deeper into the 16-Hour Theory, agreeing on a basic definition of mental health is essential. Stripped of subjectivity, mental health can be summarized as the "overall well-being of one's emotional, psychological, and social state of mind, reflecting a state of balance or imbalance among the mind, body, soul, and spirit." It encompasses an individual's capacity to think, feel, and act, influencing how they confront challenges and navigate life's complexities.

However, the subjective element complicates matters significantly. Human experiences are incredibly diverse, with countless factors at play. Every person's mindset is distinct, and they have unique stimuli that aid their mental health. Consequently, the approach to mental well-being varies widely from person to person. For some, rejuvenation through relaxation or additional sleep is the path to mental health. Meanwhile, others find solace in dedicating extra hours to work or accomplishing tasks on their to-do lists. Both approaches are valid and effective, depending on what resonates with the individual.

Every Decision Matters: 

Now, here's the game-changing revelation: Every decision you make and every action you take throughout your day is intricately linked to your mental health. Yes, everything you do—from savoring your meals to forging connections and navigating through different places—plays a pivotal role in shaping your emotional well-being. The cumulative effect of these actions stretches to more than 16 hours daily.

Despite the profound influence of our daily choices on our lives, mental health often remains obscured by stigma. Fear of judgment and discrimination can trap those grappling with mental health challenges. This silence becomes a coping mechanism, trapping individuals in a cycle of shame and isolation.


In light of 16-Hour Theory, it's high time we reevaluate our understanding of mental health. It's not confined to meditation sessions or therapy appointments; it's woven into the very fabric of our existence. By recognizing and harnessing this power, people can take charge of their emotional well-being and embark on a journey toward holistic mental health that's as unique as each of them. It's time to break the chains of stigma, encourage open conversations, and empower themselves to thrive, 16 hours at a time.      

At Solh Wellness, we recognize the significance of mental health and that we devote a significant amount of time on it, so we've curated a range of powerful self-help tools designed to enhance your mental well-being. Our offerings include journaling, goal setting, self-assessment tests, mood analysis, and an extensive library of enriching content to explore and learn from. Take charge of your journey towards personal growth and improved mental health with our comprehensive self-help resources.