Normalize Visiting Mental Health Professionals

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Normalize Visiting Mental Health Professionals

The mind and the body are inextricably linked. If the mind is unhealthy, the body tends to suffer, and vice versa. We have seen mental health topics make their way into our media. Some of our favorite athletes, singers, and actors have courageously discussed their mental health struggles, frequently advocating for therapy, normalizing medication, and encouraging people to seek help for their mental illness.

Still the stark reality is that many people pretend to be normal but suffer from different kinds of mental health issues about which they choose to remain silent due to the stigma associated with these disorders.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that nearly 20% of Indians will suffer from mental health disorders by the end of this year. Data also highlights that around 5.6 crore Indians suffer from depression and 3.8 crores from anxiety.

Talking about your mental health can be intimidating or frightening. Those emotions are normal. When starting a conversation about mental health, consider starting small and communicating in ways that are comfortable for you. Mental illnesses are not a ‘choice’ or a personal flaw but medical conditions that require care.

Some Benefits of Talking to Mental Care Experts 

• Polished communication skills 
• Feeling of being independent 
• Making beneficial choices
• Higher confidence
• Reduction of mental/emotional pains
• Improved behavior
• Strong relationships

We go through so much in our lives, from work to society to family, that experiencing mental distress is unavoidable. If we can take a step forward in recognising the factors that contribute to mental health, why can't we normalize seeking therapy or visiting mental health professionals?

Some Ways to Normalize the Conversation 

•  Share your opinions about mental health difficulties 
•  Use words carefully 
•  Keep learning
•  Teach others
•  Do not hesitate to consult if you are continuously suffering
•  Motivate others to follow required therapies  

Society also needs to maintain an amicable approach toward people with mental health issues. Feelings of familiarity undoubtedly reduce mental/emotional pain, and people gain the required confidence in no time.

Solh Wellness aims at creating a culture that normalizes the idea of seeking help that encourages people to help each other find support when they need it.