Navigating the Spectrum: The Evolution of an Autistic Mind

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Navigating the Spectrum: The Evolution of an Autistic Mind

Today, we are excited to share the Untold Story of Ashiish and his son, Risshan as they navigated the world of neurodiversity.

‘Risshan was 2.5 years old when he was diagnosed with autism. I was in complete denial and it took me and my wife, Shital, six months to not just become aware but also start to understand the world of neurodiversity.

Risshan is 17 now, and I have also grown up with him. He has not only made me a better father but also a better person. He changes anyone and everyone who comes in contact with him for the better. His pure soul makes the world a more isspeshal (special) place.

There is 37.5 percent disability in the world, especially when you bring in ‘invisible disabilities’ like autism, the need for understanding this space has never been higher. I always wished I had been introduced to this unique universe earlier in my life.

That is where the idea of Goldiboy came in, which is a simple and short story of an autistic boy to introduce not just kids but adults too, to the unique world of autism.

The story took a lot of inspiration from our own Goliboy, Risshan, but it told the story of every Goldiboy who is unique on his own.’
-Ashiish V. Patil, Writer & Risshan’s Father

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