Messy Rooms And Depression: What’s the Link?

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Messy Rooms And Depression: What’s the Link?

A messy room is not unusual. A busy schedule can cause chores to accumulate. However, if you're usually organized, a messy room can occasionally be an indication of something more serious. Messy & untidy rooms trigger different types of mental health problems, specifically depression. Eyes and mind like tidy spaces so make them feel the same.

According to studies, clutter makes people anxious as well as depressed. Cortisol levels were found to be higher than average in a study of mothers who lived in cluttered homes. Consequently, a teenager's nervous system is constantly in a low-grade fight-or-flight mode if they live in a messy environment.

Aforementioned problem will not occur if you finish all tasks on a daily basis like daily sweeping, regularly removing cobwebs, maintaining wardrobe, cleaning utensils before sleeping and organizing everything at its place. 

Follow a few simple steps which will definitely help to overcome the problems of messy rooms and related depression.     

1. Start small

Every pending task looks big in the initial stage. Do not push your limits to accomplish the task in one go. Otherwise, you will strain your body to add up to the problem. Make small goals and start slowly. Clutter will start decreasing from day-one and will end in a few days if you regularly contribute to the task.

2. Track your progress

Tracking progress also proves helpful to a large extent. Keeping rooms clutter-free is not a one-time affair. You essentially need to follow a routine to achieve the target. Make sure that you consistently do the needful to ensure required tidiness around.

3. Ask for a helping hand

A small room is not a problem to clean single-handedly but it takes a lot of effort and time when it comes to cleaning the entire home. Effectively use required cleaning tools and cleaners to ease the process. Also, do not hesitate to ask for a helping hand from family members or relatives. Consider the options of consulting cleaning professionals as well to ensure convenient cleaning. This approach will also help to save precious time.  

Clean & tidy room not only helps to escape different kinds of mental health issues but also improves concentration to focus more on other important study & career goals. Don't be afraid to reach out if you think that your messy room may be an indication of problems in your life or the result of depression. To get specific advice for your situation, discuss your concerns with our mental health professional on Solh Wellness. You can seek assistance from a counselor and therapist to figure out what's going on and to help you develop a strategy for resolving the issue.