How to talk to people about mental health issues?

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How to talk to people about mental health issues?

In today's day and age, it's easy to get caught up in the negativity of the world around us. With the constant news cycle, 24/7 news coverage of world events, and social media, it can feel like the world's weight is on your shoulders. But please remember: Your mental health should be your first priority.

Mental health is essential, just like physical health. Talking about mental health openly and without stigma empowers people to seek help when needed. Open dialogue about mental health can help everyone heal. People don't realize that there are numerous ways to treat mental illness effectively. You can live a normal lifestyle by taking medication, going to therapy, and practicing self-care.

The negative connotation surrounding mental health often prevents people from seeking the help they need, worsens their conditions, and further isolates them from the rest of the world. By talking about mental health openly and without shame, we can slowly begin to break down the barriers that prevent those suffering from mental illness from getting the help they need to recover.

Useful Tips from Leading Mental Health Care Experts

  • Start with a gift: Gifting always helps to start an engaging conversation. Make sure you choose the right gift based on the person's specifications.
  • Talk positively: Positive talk is another helpful tip to boost a person's confidence. Make sure that you are not creating hype.
  • Take them seriously: Prepare yourself to give ears to their statement. Never let them realize that you are in a hurry or trying to wrap up things as early as possible. Let them feel you understand them and are ready to spend time.
  • Do not use subtle statements: Try your best not to make any subtle statements. A person might feel highly uncomfortable with bogus comments.
  • Invite for a get-together: You can also consider inviting for a get-together if the person feels comfortable with you.
  • Crack jokes: Laughing undoubtedly proves a highly beneficial therapy. Crack a joke at the right time to make a person feel extra comfortable.
  • Never judge for anything:  Like other people, a person with mental illness also does not like being judged. Offer non-judgmental ears so that a person can talk with a free spirit.
  • Share your opinions: If someone feels comfortable with your presence, you can also share personal opinions.
  • Stay calm: Your expressions matter greatly, so remain calm and talk softly. Your rude behavior might cause big problems.
  • Try not to make assumptions: Chances of positive results always remain present. So, never make any assumptions. Hope is always there.
  • Ensure your availability: A person with mental health difficulties might like your company and ask for the next meeting. Ensure easy availability for the next meeting.
  • Never try to impose: A person with mental illness never cooperates if anybody tries to impose anything. Give choices and let them select.


We can all do our part to help our loved ones by being supportive and talking about mental health. This will help spark initial action that can lead to much-needed help.

Every life is full of stress. Everyone needs support. 
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