How to set Healthy Boundaries?

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How to set Healthy Boundaries?

Do you generally make decisions to keep others happy and later feel different kinds of discomforts to compromise upon multiple terms. Then, it is the time to set  healthy boundaries so that you can enjoy quality life with a peaceful mind.    

Setting healthy boundaries is all about saying ‘No’ to anyone/anything that makes you feel uncomfortable while doing something that you are not interested in and do not want to do. Consider making a decision that makes you happy and brings satisfaction.   
It is also important to know that boundaries vary from person to person. Your preferences, desires and expectations might differ a lot as compared to the person from a different culture/society.          

However, it is necessary to evaluate the complete scenario before making any decision. Boundaries of a specific type do not work equally during every situation.          

Everybody essentially has to establish unique boundaries for each occasion.            

Setting healthy boundaries is meant to escape uncomfortable situations while maintaining an intact relationship with people. Prefer using intelligent words, combined with a smile, to smartly escape the situation.         

Good communication skills always help to clearly convey the message. Make sure that words you are choosing are not reflecting arrogance by any means. Maintain politeness as much as possible and never raise the voice while discussion.           

Experts and studies have listed these areas where you essentially need to be careful while making any decision.         

People are requested to set boundaries around:         

  • Emotions   
  • Time   
  • Personal space   
  • Sexual preferences   
  • Morals   
  • Career   
  • Financial matters   
  • Social media   
  • Family & Friends   
  • Romantic relationships   
  • Colleagues         

Here are 7 simple ways to set boundaries:         

1. Maintain clarity on your priorities: Every person essentially has to look after multiple responsibilities and tasks. Set your priorities and what type of tasks you will take first.              

2. Make clear that you will not tolerate unacceptable things: Every person must set boundaries towards the things which cause discomforts.         

3. Listen yourself: Regularly spend some time with yourself to understand what you actually want to be comfortable & feel happy.         

4. Be thoughtful about your actions: Always make calculated decisions so that you do not regret making any decision.    

5. Do whatever you like but responsibly: Everybody feels happy after doing something specific. Be open to that but always do things responsibly.         

6. Offer alternatives: It is a busy life. Thus, you might remain busy most of the time when someone needs your help. Try providing an alternative. It will help mitigate the situation.         

7. Clearly respond regarding your preferences: Do not suppress your emotions and preferences. Speak about your preference. A polite conversation always fetches good results.          

Setting boundaries indeed help to keep life clutter-free. In addition, you find it easy to prioritize things on the basis of their importance. Seek help from family or friends if necessary. It is your life and only you need to decide what type of living you want to experience with a peaceful mind.