How to Identify Toxic Friendship?

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How to Identify Toxic Friendship?

Do you have friends who often tell you something which upsets you, maybe your school friend or a co-worker? Unlike other people in your life, this friend frequently gives you tension, but it’s hard to tell if this person just needs everyone to be a bit more forgiving or if they’re toxic. The most complicated thing with friends is that we all have plenty of love and appreciation for them, and sometimes their bad behavior and the negative ways they affect our lives. However, it’s important to know the common warning signs that someone is not only toxic but harmful to your mental health.

This blog will help you identify if you have toxic friends in your friend circle:

  • It’s all about them and their problems- There would be times when your friend would only come around when things are going well with them, or they need something from you, like advice. They may only call you for an hour to talk about their problems and then suddenly, half-heartedly ask, “How are you?” and immediately turn the conversation back to themselves. By the same token these friends are often unreachable when you need them. No matter who the person is, giving support and receiving it is critical to keep relationships healthy and stable.       
  • They try to change you- Friendships thrive when you share things and trust each other. But if you notice, often your friend asks you to be someone you’re not, you are probably in trouble. They may often ask you to do things you dislike and put you in uncomfortable situations, or ask you to talk, dress, or behave differently. It’s important for friends to lovingly accept each other, encourage each other, and stop potential harmful behaviors.       
  • They constantly put you down- Unlike your close friends, you will find few friends who constantly nag, mock, or try to put you down in front of others which may harm your self-esteem. It is important to move out of this toxic friendship and start investing your time and energy with those friends who never miss a chance to appreciate you.       
  • They make you feel uncomfortable- There will be times when you would feel uncomfortable when you spend time with your friends, they will manipulate you and will constantly make you doubt your strengths and capabilities. If you notice this unsettled feeling, consider taking a closer look at yourself and your friendship. Look for the signs and move out of this toxic friendship.       

Few of your friends that you come across in life will likely exhibit one or two of these patterns. Take the time, and read over these points as though they’re referring to you and look for ways by which you can avoid these behaviors and be a better friend!   

If you notice toxic traits in a friend, it’s time for you to have a conversation with them. You know your friend and what their mental and emotional triggers are. Keep these triggers in mind to avoid having a toxic friendship in life.