Hell is still Overburdened

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Hell is still Overburdened

Hell is still overburdened and I must stand and wait in line. 

How was I considered evil? I wish I was born in another time.

Modern capitalism (often referred to as “neoliberalism”) has created a world in which everything is about competition and self-interest and productivity, and as a result, corporations are squeezing more out of workers and making it harder for individuals to even think of themselves as part of a community.   

Atomization of human beings in a rapidly shifting cut-throat society is simply not sustainable. It has rendered humans as mere cogs in a machine, simply subsisting on meager wages while overworking themselves towards early graves. It is no wonder that Millenials and Zoomers are the most burned out generation of all time. Capitalism has gone too far and has driven the gap between the rich and poor beyond historical precedents and the gap is widening at an accelerated rate as we speak.    

People feel more dissatisfied, burdened and detached from their feelings than recorded by any generation before. This is because the new generation isn’t born, it is made. It started right after our births when we were sent to factory styled schools which programmed us to be drones as was commissioned by our corporate overlords. Trained to absorb concepts but never question them. Trained to push creativity outwards and never explore the vastness of human neuroplasticity. Pressed by our peers to outperform each other in a rat race. Forced to dream the dream that with enough hard work and passion we could achieve almost anything.   

Now, after growing up, we come to the stark realization that nothing we were taught was true. No matter how much we work hard today, we will always keep hitting that glass ceiling that keeps us bound from self actualization and try to find meaning in a grind that rewards our blood, sweat and tears with nothing but peanuts while our overlords keep getting richer and fatter as the days go by.   

How do you expect us to be satisfied with the glass ceiling when we can see the stars so clearly?    

Another reason why the current generation is so depressed is also because we happen to be the most educated generation that has ever lived. The prophesied library of Babel is now at our fingertips and we get bombarded by so many facts and phenomena of life on a daily basis that the constant mind blows are now a commonplace. And yet, even after knowing so much and surpassing our predecessors in the manner of awareness still leads to nothing.    

Day in and day out, sitting at a desk and staring at a box all day long while sitting in a box yourself and finally being characterized to be a box is all our lives have come to today. Yet, the false dreams don’t seem to die, how can it when non feeling extra intelligent algorithms target us with such marvelous specifically designed delusions every day that it's no wonder that mental health issues are now rampant.   

Cognitive dissonance was perhaps always there. It is there with our out of touch parents who still believe in the myth of hard work = success. It is there with our rich bosses who believe their ideas and leadership is right and true and the ground they walk upon should be worshiped. It is prevalent with our peers who will backstab their best friends and kiss ass if it meant for that 1% raise they have been dreaming about to buy that better car, jewelry, brand, etc. And it is right there, staring at us collectively, as we march towards a climate catastrophe while denying its existence.   

Part of me wants to die in a dumpster, what rose was a motherf***ing monster   

Apathy and false goodness is now rampant amongst youth. The urge to one up each other and to take their frustrations out even at the slightest provocation is slowly transitioning into being the natural order. People say they should be scared of the silent people, but it is the louder confident people who lead to the most dangerous of situations. This is because of the Dunning Kruger effect which fills the people who have the least understanding and knowledge to feel the most empowered while the ones who are actually proficient always doubt themselves.    

Match that with our current society’s tendency to echo the loudest voices and we are left with a world that worships false information and propels dangerous ideas as to how to deal with the situations at hand.   

Empty, irregular, transformative and uncertain is what we have all now become. We have no idea as to what the future holds and most of us are giving up on our long term plans. While the ones who religiously follow them are met with disappointment and resentment when things don’t go their way. Mental health crises are a pandemic of proportions the likes of which we could never have imagined. And if we keep staying as mum and burned out as we are, the outcomes will last centuries to come.   

So strap in and get a good story, for we will be standing in this line for a long long time…