Untold Solh | Finding Myself: A Bisexual's Journey to Love, Acceptance, and Being Real

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Untold Solh | Finding Myself: A Bisexual's Journey to Love, Acceptance, and Being Real

Today, we are thrilled to share another Untold story of an individual who identifies as bisexual. She bravely shares her experiences and challenges to inspire empathy, understanding, and acceptance for all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

“I fell in love with a girl at twenty. That is when everything about my life seemed to fall into place.   

It was now clear why I never had any crushes on the opposite sex as a teenager or why I felt different all through my growing-up years. While coming out was freeing in many ways, it also meant losing out on the support system you grew up with.  

Coming out happens in a moment; it is the repercussions of it that stay longer. Ranging from shock to disbelief and from tears to a hug, the reactions could be many. And believe me when I say that nothing in the world prepares us for this moment. No books, no movies, no articles, and no mentors can tell us how it is going to be at that moment. However, there is one thing that all of them (including me!) would say: “It is definitely worth it!” Acceptance matters. From the world, from your loved ones.  

At twenty-four, I was starting from scratch and building my life all over again. With a broken heart and zero parental support, I joined the university. That was when Section 377 was still valid, and the fear of being openly queer was real. During that time, I started writing about my experiences. Writing has always been therapeutic for me since childhood. It also helped me vent out my innermost thoughts without the fear of being ridiculed or called out.  

My journey since then has been full of ups and downs. From being outed by a queer colleague to finding the love of my life, the learning through all of it stayed constant. And the biggest lesson I learned was, “Start accepting yourself and see the world follow!”   

-K. Vaishali  

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