Dealing with Mental Health Stigma and Discrimination

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Dealing with Mental Health Stigma and Discrimination

Mental Health issues are not new in today's society, but there is still a significant amount of stigma and discrimination around the mental health of individuals. Numerous people's mental health issues are exacerbated by the stigma and discrimination they face for their condition. People can face discrimination from various sources, including friends, family, co-workers, and social media.  

Types of Stigma

The stigma around mental health can be categorized into two types of stigmas an individual faces.

1. The Stereotype around mental health issues: An old mental health stigma is that it is irreversible. The person with the disorder feels like a lost cause when unaware of the mental health solutions available.

2. Discrimination: Discrimination against individuals with mental illness in social groups worsens the effects of mental disorders on a person. Generally, the discriminated one starts to lose self-esteem and isolate themselves.

Harmful effects of mental health stigma

The effects of mental health stigma can disturb a person's personal and professional life. Some of those harmful effects are:

  • Feelings of shame, hopelessness, and isolation
  • Avoiding to ask for help or getting treatment
  • Lack of communication with family or friends
  • Less social interaction and employment opportunities
  • Self-doubting the decision made in life

Dealing with the Mental Health Stigma

1. Get Help: Getting help and talking about your issues with people suffering from the same illness can help people fight the stigma around mental health.

2. Isolation: Self-isolation can only add up to a person's problems fighting with the stigma. It is essential to stay connected with family, friends, or loved ones.

3. Stop comparing yourself with the disease: There is a big difference between the disease and the person. Don't let your sickness define you, as it might for others.

4. Don't take it personally: Opinions held by others frequently result from more of a lack of understanding. Assuming that others' opinions have anything to do with you or your personality is wrong.


The effects of stigma can affect a person in numerous ways. If you are dealing with discrimination and are afraid it affects your mental health, connect with us at Solh Wellness.          

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