7 Reasons For A Failed Relationship

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7 Reasons For A Failed Relationship

Finding the right person, marrying them, having kids and growing old together are some common things every individual looks for in a life partner. Still there are more failed marriages and relationships in the world than ever before. Here are some of the most frequent causes of relationships failing so you may steer clear of the common errors that end marriages and relationships.

1. Loss of Trust  

A feeling of trust is one of the fundamental components of a healthy relationship. An individual could lose trust if the partner is unpredictable or doesn't provide enough emotional support. Relationships that are based on the unsteady ground of trust are likely to end up hurting someone.

2. Lack of Communication 

Healthy communication is the key component for the longevity of a relationship. Couples who frequently express their frustrations about each other and find ways to work with them have a better chance of maintaining their relationship rather than couples who never fight. People who try to avoid conflicts in their relationship cope up the frustration and eventually it affects their relationship. Expressing gratitude and appreciation routinely could help couples overcome the problems of poor communication.

3. Lack of Respect 

When  couples do not have respect for each other in a relationship then the relationship would likely fail. Nagging, criticizing, stonewalling, lying, put-downs, and other actions are examples of lack of respect in a relationship.

4. Financial Issues 

Couples can disagree on a variety of topics, but money difficulties are frequently a point of contention. One may be a spender and the other a saver. The issue is more with how they approach conversations about money than the fact that they have diametrically opposed views of spending and saving.

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5. Narcissism 

A lack of genuine connection in a relationship is frequently indicative of narcissism. Narcissists need to be admired and have an exaggerated feeling of their own importance. Superiority complex, arrogance, boundary violations, false charm, manipulation, irresponsibility, rule-breaking, severe selfishness, negative emotions, and contempt for others are only a few examples of narcissistic traits. A narcissist person makes it difficult for another person to be in a relationship with them and eventually ends up ending the relationship.

6. Different Priorities 

When people with different goals and ambitions from their partner come into a relationship then there are high chances that it is a recipe for disaster. Different thinking about kids, marriage and other things sometimes end up destroying a relationship.

7. Life Habit Abuse 

Destructive habits of drugs, alcoholism, gambling, etc. are common factors that end a relationship. When a person comes into a relationship with all these habits then that relationship becomes a time bomb waiting to explode.

Even after avoiding these pitfalls sometimes relationships end up hurting individuals when they don’t work out. It is important for individuals to be patient in a relationship and keep working towards the betterment of it, maybe taking a relationship therapy works for you. The longevity of a relationship only comes with consistent little efforts.