2022 is here; What are your goals for this year?

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2022 is here; What are your goals for this year?

Every new year, people bring out their resolution notebooks and make a promise to themself. I will be kinder, I will exercise every day, I will write one page in my journal every day; these are just some of the many resolutions we tend to set for ourselves with the objective of following them for the whole year.    

The reality is, most of the time we fail to keep up with our resolutions. We either forget about them or fail to act on them as originally planned. What happens next? Disappointment, feelings of incompetence, and feeling down.   

How do I make a good new year’s resolution then?   

Here are some tips for a New Year’s resolution that you will be able to actually follow through:   

  • Set A Clear Goal   

The most important thing is to make a resolution that is actually achievable. Being ambitious and expanding your capabilities is good, but you need to be realistic about how much you can actually achieve. The resolution also needs to be clear in terms of what exactly you want to achieve.    


  • Make a Plan   

After successfully setting a goal, the next thing you need to do is to make a plan. Think of everyday changes that you will bring to your life to work towards your goal. Evaluate the viability and effectiveness of your plan. If you think the plan you have is too overwhelming, cut out a few things and remodel. Once you are satisfied with your plan of action, you can move on to the next step.   


  • Write Down Your Resolution   

Now that you have a plan of action in mind, write down your resolution somewhere. This will be more helpful if you pin the resolution somewhere that your eyes go to again and again, so you are frequently reminded of your goal. A good example of this would be setting it as your phone’s lock screen, or pinning it somewhere on your workspace.    

  • Find Sources of Motivation   

Keeping yourself motivated throughout the way is important. For this, try to find ways that will help you be more active in working towards your final goal. For example, connect with people with similar goals (in real life or through social media) to keep yourself motivated and create a community with which you can share your progress.    


  • Don’t Be Afraid of Failure   

If you constantly think about what will happen if you fail, you will be more likely to work under pressure. You don’t need to stress about your resolutions; the process can be fun and fulfilling as well. Ask yourself, what’s the worst thing that can happen if you fail? Give yourself second chances, instead of fretting over small mistakes.    

So there you have it! Keep these simple tips in mind to work out a New Year’s resolution that you can follow more easily.     

Even if you fail, always remember that you are a work in progress. Do not stop when you hit a roadblock in your journey towards growth. Learn your way around these hurdles. Take lessons from your mistakes and learn what you can do better next time to reach your goals.    

Happy New Year!