10 Unique Ways To Show Random Act of Kindness

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10 Unique Ways To Show Random Act of Kindness

Doing a favor for someone else without expecting something in return is known as the Random Act of Kindness.  An act of kindness doesn’t have to be a big gesture, it can be as simple as paying someone a compliment or smiling at a stranger. Unexpected acts of kindness can positively impact everyone in one’s vicinity. Compassion and acknowledgement are both parts of kindness. The urge for recognition lies at the heart of every problem and every feeling, and it is what makes being human and living so beautiful. 

Here are 10 unique Random Act of Kindness ideas which will help you in spreading positivity.  

1. Smiling  

Smiling is contagious, if one person smiles at another it is an automatic reflex that the other person would also smile back. Passing a smile to friends, families, loved ones or even strangers can have a positive impact around an individual. 

2. Hugging  

Like smiling, hugging is also a gesture to spread positivity around. Hugging someone releases oxytocin in a person's body which boosts positive emotions. In simple words, a warm hug to someone means that the other person acknowledges and appreciates their presence in his/her life.

3. Spread Positivity with Good Food  

Sharing sweets or other baked goods with neighbors or someone at the workplace can also be counted as Random Act of Kindness.  It shows unity and positivity.

4. Letting someone pass in the queue  

Giving a stranger a break in a long queue can make their day. Why not allow the person behind you in line to move ahead of you in the grocery store if they only have a few items and your cart is already overflowing? They will appreciate you for being so kind, and you will save them time. In the event that they encounter a similar circumstance in the future, they might even return the favor!

5. Holding the doors for others  

A rather simple thing to do, but people often forget to even notice their surroundings with their busy life. Holding a door for someone elderly or someone with too many items in a grocery store can make their day and also help you feel good about yourself.

6. Being a good listener  

Sometimes stressed and sad people just want someone to listen to their problems. Genuinely listening to someone’s problems and consoling them can make them feel good.

7. Allow someone to help you  

It is not always about helping others but sometimes let others help you. If someone is trying to help you in a certain task, even if you can perform on your own, letting them help it will boost their confidence in performing more Random Act of Kindness.

8. Complimenting others  

Giving a compliment to someone at the workplace can really affect how the other person performs. A well appreciated comment can increase the performance of an individual. Try leaving a thank you note for waiters at restaurants too.

9. Provide care packages to homeless  

Giving items of needs such as food and blankets to the homeless is really a good way to show Act of Kindness. Providing for someone in need creates a sense of responsibility in a person.

10. Forgive someone  

Forgiving someone for their wrongdoings can not only bring peace in their life but the act of forgiveness can really uplift a person from the trauma of the past. Although it can be challenging at times, forgiving certain people always has the best outcome.

Kindness has the potential to transform lives, strengthen communities, and have a positive domino effect. So the next time you see a chance to do something nice, seize it! You can never be sure how much of a difference you are actually making.