Mission / Vision


Solh Wellness’s mission is to make mental health support affordable, 24x7 accessible, personalised and accepted across the world by providing an AI driven non-judgmental safe space for people to express themselves & seek support to prevent clinically diagnosed mental disorders. We will decrease depression and anxiety in youth, replacing it with resilience, perseverance and determination to act by empowering them with personalized tools, solutions, counselling and structured therapies to lead more positive, happier, and healthier lives while pursuing improvement towards better mental health.


Increase the psychological capital of every individual and hence the society by removing stigma and empowering everyone with tools, solutions and access to preventive mental health support


Core Values Of Solh Wellness Are:

  • Empowered Acceptance: We empower everyone with easy access to tools & solutions and believe that mental health issues are real for everyone. At the same time, everyone can provide mental health support to someone else
  • Trust & Integrity: Zero judgment zone, complete security of data & identity, transparent & free expression with empathy & relatedness/compassion.
  • Personalized Equality: Everyone needs an easy, affordable, accessible, inclusive & personalized solution for their mental wellness
  • Compassion & Respect: We are kind and caring to everyone we encounter and provider high quality care
  • Prevention: We prevent mental health issues from worsening. Its always late but never too late to get support for mental health issues
  • Teamwork: We achieve more when we collaborate and work together with all like minded people whether they are complementary or competition
  • Psychological capital: We increase psychological capital for everyone we touch and believe it is more important than money, knowledge and wisdom.