The Problem

The Real Issue

The stigma surrounding mental health ensures no one talks unless there is a severe disorder. No one talks, hence no one listens and no resources are created, in an extremely crunched society.

Lack Of Awareness

Lack Of Awareness No one knows how to identify or how to seek solution

Its Tabooed

Its a Taboo Mum's the word, till the pain breaks through the stigma

Pervasive Disorders Increasing cases of clinical depression, acute anxiety, PTSD and severe mental health diseases

Being Judged Even the closest ones form an opinion. Who to talk to?

Getting Manipulated Who knows when what you say is manipulated. Whom can you trust?

Issues being Trivialized Your high school crush is called a phase that will pass.

No Credible Solutions No one knows how to identify or how to seek the right personalized solution

Lack of Funds & Resources Cure takes priority. No funds are allocated to preventive measures.

No Personalized Support Structure Mental health is a unique journey for everyone. One size fits all doesn't work.