A Mental Health Mela forMothers

Join us for the Mental Health Mela - Solh Fiesta, only on Solh App

  • Dive into the beautiful journey of motherhood with themes that touch every aspect of a mother's life: parenting, balancing work and family, conquering hypertension, cherishing moments of motherhood, and finding financial empowerment.
  • Join the MomMeTime support group on the Solh app, a safe haven where mothers can connect, prioritize their mental health, and indulge in activities like mental health yoga, reiki, and meditation sessions—a chance to nurture their well-being.
  • Immerse yourself in daily mindfulness exercises, expert sessions on parenting and mental health, and valuable resources like recipes and expert advice that will uplift and guide you on your incredible journey as a mother.
  • Culminate your experience in the grand finale, Solh Fiesta—a mental health mela exclusively for mothers. Engage in expert talks, discover the power of meditation and yoga, and embrace the strength, empathy, and positivity that lie at the heart of every mother's mental well-being.

Solh Fiesta Event Schedule

Session Topic Time Participant
Session 1 Introduction 11:10 - 11:15 AM Mr. Kapil Gupta, Founder Solh Wellness
Session 2 Yogic Bliss for Moms: Connecting with Inner Harmony 11: 20 - 11:55 AM Yogi Rahul, (E-RYT 500 Shiv Sutra Yogshala Founder)
Session 3 Motherhood in Color: An Art Therapy Workshop for nurturing maternal Mental Health 12:00 - 12:25 PM Dr. Ashima Narula Psychologist & Expressive Art Therapist Ph.D. Psychology Board Certified Art Therapist, American art therapy association UNESCO-CID registered expressive art therapist
Session 4 Harmonious Lounge: A guided Meditation for Mothers 12:30 - 1:20 PM Ms. Anjali Mathur Chadha, Founder and Lead Therapist : Arhat Sound Yoga Wellness
Session 5 Chit-Chat with a Celebrity Mother 1:25 - 2:15 PM Ms. Nandana Dev Sen, Actress, Author and Child Rights Activist
Session 6 Recharge and Realign: Mindfulness and Movement for Mothers 2:20 - 2:45 PM Ms. Deepika Taneja, Counseling Psychologist & Expressive art based therapist
Session 7 Nurturing Oven: Baking Therapy for Mother's 2:50 - 3:20 PM Ms. Ashween Kaur, Founder & Baker chef Savvy’s Patisserie
Session 8 Breaking Free from Societal Expectations 3:25 - 4:00 PM Dr Sravani Reddy G, Global COO and Director of Board, Ojaska
Session 9 The Mindful Pause: Cultivating Inner Calm and Clarity for Mothers 4:05 - 4:40 PM BK Hitesh, Mental Wellness Coach
Session 10 Thank You Note 4:45 - 4:50 PM Mr. Kapil Gupta, Founder Solh Wellness

On the 31st of May, we'll bring all the themes together in a virtual mela, offering a range of mental health sessions to help moms prioritize their well-being. We'll have expert speakers discussing topics such as mindfulness, self-compassion, and coping with stress. We'll also offer a range of activities to promote mental health, including yoga, meditation,and journaling. The virtual mela will be an opportunity for moms to connect with each other,share their experiences, and learn new strategies for taking care of themselves.

Campaign Schedule

Theme Date Day Activity Topic Participants
Parenting May 1 Monday Solh Fiesta Launch
May 2 Tuesday Parent's Diary Walking in Mom's Shoes Solh Counselor
May 3 Wednesday Recipe Calming tea blend Dr. M. Kalpana Devi, Certified Naturopathy Expert
May 4 Thursday Untold Solh Confession of a mother of two children with learning disabilities. Ms. Ketki Agarwal, Founder LDExplained
May 5 Friday Q&A Session Discovering the Parenting Journey Ms. Fabiha Sultana Shaik, Psychologist, RCI-Certified Special Educator
May 6 Saturday Myths & Facts Bust Some Parenting Myths? Solh Counselor
May 7 Sunday Solh Parent guide Parenting Guide Solh Counselor
Theme Date Day Activity Topic Participants
Hormones & Sanity May 8 Monday Mental Health Bingo Female Hormones & Mental Health Solh Counselor
May 9 Tuesday Hormonal balance SolhGuide Hormones & Sanity Solh Counselor
May 10 Wednesday Yoga for hormones balance Hormone Balancing Happy Hour Mr. Kapil Gupta, Founder Solh Wellness
May 11 Thursday Q&A Session Hormonal Health Check Dr. Prashant Bamania, Psychiatrist, M.D Psychiatry
May 12 Friday Recipie Hormonal Balance and Healthy Treats Ms. Supriya Arun, Certified Nutritionist
May 13 Saturday Reiki Session Chakra Balancing Express Ms. Meenakshi Kapoor, Reiki GrandMaster/Teacher and Numerologist
May 14 Sunday Untold Solh Untold Solh: Confessions of a Mother Ms. Prisha Lalwani, Ex. Counseling Psychologist & Author
Theme Date Day Activity Topic Participants
Hypertension May 15 Monday Mental Health Crossword Puzzle Mindful Mental Health Crossword Solh Counselor
May 16 Tuesday Self Care Guide Soulful Self-Care Ms. Rekhamoni Saikia, Psychologist
May 17 Wednesday Article World Hypertension Day Dr. Arif, Psychiatrist MBBS.MD
May 18 Thursday A Q&A on Stress & Anxiety for mothers Finding Calm in the Chaos Dr. Surmeet, Professional Counselor & Director of Inspire Coach Academy
May 19 Friday Salad Recipe Heartful Harvest Salad Dr. Kalpana, Certified Naturopathy Expert
May 20 Saturday Yoga Session Tension Buster Asanas Ms. Trishee Jain, Yoga preceptor & wellness enthusiast
May 21 Sunday Untold Solh Confession of mothers Ms. Devika Singh, Chairperson, India Women Committee at IndustriALL Global Union
Theme Date Day Activity Topic Participants
Motherhood May 22 Monday Article You are a mom like no other Ms Soorya Naroth, Counselling Psychologist
May 23 Tuesday Q&A Session Motherhood Unfiltered: Q&A on Mental Health Challenges Dr. Sarah, Doctorate in Psychology
May 24 Wednesday Mandala Art Blog Mandala Art Therapy: A Creative Outlet for Mothers Ms. Ashmi Sheth, Art Therapist & Counselor,
May 25 Thursday Myths & Facts Debunking Motherhood Myths: Exploring Mental Health Realities Solh Counselors
May 26 Friday Motherhood Guide The SolhFul Mother: Cultivating Balance, Happiness, and Well-being in Motherhood Solh Counselors
Theme Date Day Activity Topic Participants
Financial Empowerment May 27 Saturday Live Session Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) in the Workplace Sujata Parashar Novelist, Psychosocial Trainer and Talk-therapist
May 28 Sunday Untold Solh Confessions and experiences of motherhood Mohua Chinnappa
May 29 Monday Back to Career | Career Counseling for young Mothers Empowering Paths: Career Q&A Session for Mothers Richa Aggarwal, Counseling Psychologist
May 30 Tuesday Live Session Financial health for mental and Emotional Well Being Dr. Sujata

Our Experts

Ms. Trishee Jain

Yoga Expert

Dr. Kalpana

Certified Naturopathy Expert

Ms. Meenakshii Kapoor

Alternative & Holistic Health Service

Ms. Rekhmoni Saikia


Dr. Ashima Narula

Psychologist & Expressive Art Therapist

Ms. Anjali Mathur Chadha

Founder and Lead Therapist : Arhat Sound Yoga Wellness

Ms. Ashmi Seth

Art Therapist & Counselor

Dr. Sravani Reddy G

Global COO and Director of the Board, Ojaska

Yogi Rahul Gupta

Shiv Sutra Yogshala Founder

Nandana Sen

Actress, Author and Child Rights Activist

Dr. Sarah

Art Therapist & Counselor

Ms. Ketki Agarwal

Founder LDExplained | Mental Health Advocate | Parent coach

Dr. Arif

Psychiatrist MBBS.MD

Ms. Soorya Naroth

Counselling Psychologist

Ms. Devika Singh

Chairperson,India Women Committee at IndustriALL Global Union

Ms. Prisha Lalwani

Ex. Counseling Psychologist & Author

BK Hitesh

Mental Wellness Coach, Rajyoga Meditation Teacher at Brahma Kumaris.

Deepika Taneja

Counseling Psychologist & Expressive art based therapist

Fabiha Sultana Shaik

Psychologist, RCI-Certified Special Educator

Ms. Ashween Kaur

Founder & Baker chef Savvy’s Patisserie

Dr. Prashant Bamania

Psychiatrists, MD Psychiatry

Ms. Sujata Prashar

Award winning Novelist, Talk-therapist and Founder Talk- it- Out-Express

Ms. Richa Aggarwal

Counseling Psychologist