Why Solh Welcomes

NGO Partnerships?

At Solh Wellness we trust that collaborations can make a real difference in people's lives. As an NGO, you can join us in our mission to promote mental health and well-being for everyone you have been helping till date.

Most communities are either unaware or too scared to get support. We take the stigma away. We also enable them with tools and solutions in an anonymous, safe, tech-driven platform that they can use anytime, anywhere. Our organizational dashboard gives you the capability to get deep insights about mental wellness in your cohorts.

Data Safety & Anonymity

We do not give any individual user data and ensure anonymity is always kept in place. The data given to organizations is always at a group or organization level.

Let’s Partner!

How you benefit from partnering with us

Don't let limited resources hinder your impact. Partner with Solh and empower your communities to thrive!

The Solh Way

What Makes Us Different?

Measurable Outcomes

Track progress and demonstrate the impact of your efforts with our organizational dashboard and comprehensive data-driven analytics.

Personalized Support

Our personalized support plans are designed to address every individual’s specific needs and goals.

Expert-Backed Solutions

Our team of qualified mental health professionals ensures that your community gets the best solutions possible.

Stigma-Free Environment

We create a safe space where your community can feel comfortable seeking help and building emotional well-being.

Recent Stories

Solh X Sundesh

  • Collaborated with the NGO Sundesh and joined them in their initiative, ‘Gyaan Kanya Shakti 100 School Programme.’
  • Conducted workshops in over 15 government schools in rural Uttar Pradesh.
  • Raised mental health awareness among school children, equipping them with strategies on how to deal with difficult situations.
  • Conducted mental health screenings and generated reports for 1000+ students.

Solh X LENS Foundation

  • Collaborated with the NGO LENS Foundation and conducted workshops in various schools, colleges, and organizations.
  • Tackled the growing mental health problems of the current era, like stress management, work-life balance, and time management.
  • Introduced them to our comprehensive mental health solution platform and guided them to utilize it according to their needs.

What You Get?

Customizable Access to the Solh App

Get co-branded access to the Solh Wellness app which is also available in Hindi, ensuring language is no longer a barrier in accessing mental health services for your communities.

Mental Health Awareness Workshops

Equip yourself with tools & resources to create mental health awareness among the marginalized.

Mental Health Screenings

Early identification of potential issues allows for prompt intervention and better mental health.

Organizational Dashboard & Reporting

Our dashboard provides clear data on your efforts, pinpointing areas for improvement and offering actionable solutions.

Crisis Support

Access immediate assistance during difficult times.

Training and Capacity Building

Get training on how to better deal with critical situations and develop essential skills for continued success.

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By partnering with our app, you'll be contributing to long-term positive outcomes, such as improved mental health and well-being in your community.

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