About Solh Wellness

Solh Wellness is a preventive mental health platform that is helping people facing mental issues by empowering them with the access to tools, vocabulary, and framework that they need on their journey towards mental wellness.

We make it possible for everyone to get support for their mental health through our tech-driven solution which helps them improve their mental wellbeing while reducing their stress through our AI powered comprehensive mental wellness solution.

Mental Wellness is Crucial for Students

By leveraging the capabilities of Solh Wellness, Universities and Schools can enhance their efforts to promote student well-being, create a supportive campus culture, and improve overall academic success and retention rates.

Academic Performance

Mental wellness significantly influences students' ability to concentrate, retain information, and perform well in exams and assignments.

Stress Management

Effective mental wellness practices help students cope with academic pressure, deadlines, and competition, reducing stress levels and promoting a balanced lifestyle.

Emotional Stability

Good mental health enables students to regulate their emotions, handle setbacks, and maintain a positive outlook, enhancing resilience in the face of challenges.


Mental wellness contributes to a strong sense of self-worth and confidence, empowering students to pursue their goals and assert themselves in various aspects of life.

Creativity and Innovation

A sound mental state encourages creative thinking, problem-solving, and innovation, fostering intellectual curiosity and academic excellence.

Prevention of Mental Disorders

Prioritizing mental wellness early on can help prevent the onset of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and substance abuse, promoting long-term psychological health.

Learning Environment

A mentally healthy school environment promotes inclusivity, acceptance, and diversity, creating a safe space where students feel valued and supported in their academic journey.

Lifelong Habits

Instilling good mental wellness practices during student years sets a foundation for lifelong habits that contribute to overall happiness, success, and fulfilment in adulthood.


Healthy mental well-being fosters positive relationships with peers, teachers, and family members, promoting a supportive social network crucial for academic and personal growth.

Data Safety & Anonymity

We do not give any individual user data and ensure anonymity is always kept in place. The data given to organizations is always at a group or organization level.

Let’s Partner!

What You Get?

Customizable Acess to the Solh App

Get co-branded access to the Solh Wellness which is also available in Hindi, ensuring language is no longer a barrier in accessing mental health services for your communities.

Organizational Dashboard & Reporting

Our dashboard provides clear data on your efforts, pinpointing areas for improvement and offering actionable solutions.

Mental Health Awareness Workshops

Equip yourself with tools & resources to create mental health awareness among your students.

Mental Health Screenings

Early identification of potential issues allows for prompt intervention and better mental health.

Crisis Support

Access immediate assistance during difficult times through crisis hotlines, emergency contacts, and resources for urgent assistance.

Informational Resources

Access to ample reading resources such as quarterly journal, blogs, articles, and videos to help the students navigate through their mental health challenges.

Benefits You Can Look at

Solh Wellness can play a significant role in supporting universities and schools in promoting student well-being and creating a conducive learning environment.

Don't let limited resources hinder your impact. Partner with Solh and empower your students to thrive!

Recent Stories

Solh X Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology

  • Conducted teacher training for the professors of Maharaja Surajmal Institute Of Technology, Janakpuri, educating them better about neurodiversity.
  • Organised a workshop on the awareness of substance abuse among youth for students
  • Equipped them with different tools, theories, & our reliable mental health solution platform.

Solh x R D Rajpal Public School

  • Conducted a workshop for students of RD Rajpal Public School, Dwarka, raising mental health awareness.
  • Equipped them with strategies to deal with difficult situations, personally and academically.
The Solh Way

What Makes Us Different?

Measurable Outcomes

Track progress and demonstrate the impact of your efforts with our organizational dashboard and comprehensive data-driven analytics.

Personalized Support

Our personalized support plans are designed to address every individual’s specific needs and goals.

Expert-backed Solutions

Our team of qualified mental health professionals ensures that your community gets the best solutions possible.

Stigma-Free Environment

We create a safe space where your community can feel comfortable seeking help and building emotional well-being.

Mental Health and SDG 4: Quality Education

Mental health plays a crucial role in providing a holistic approach to education, empowering students to flourish academically, emotionally, and interpersonally.

SDG 4: Quality Education
  • Target 4.1: Ability to access quality education depends on mental health
  • Target 4.4: Mental health as an important vocational skill
  • Target 4.7: Importance of mental health for sustainable development
  • Target 4.a: Promoting disability and gender sensitivity

Our Program Packages

Program Features Silver Gold Platinum
Mindfulness Workshops
1-to-1 Counseling Sessions
Self Care Seminars
Career Counseling
Stress Management Workshops
Emotional Intelligence Training
Confidence Enhancement Workshops
Neurodiversity Teacher Training
Art Therapy
Work-life balance Workshops for Teachers
Life Skills Training

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