How we work

How we work

Mental health journey is a unique personalized experience for all, much like the mental health issues. With this belief, we empower people with a set of tools & solutions for self-help, journaling & groups for community support, on-call medical practitioners & counsellors, and allied therapies.

Personalized Counselling

Connect with someone who matches your specific issues through our best-in-class AI-based mental health marketplace

  • Search from a list of volunteers & professionals
  • Ask for help or book online appointment
  • Connect through live chat & video chat
  • Share previous consultation documents with the counselor or store them for future references
  • Search from a wide list of doctors who specialize in different kinds of treatments
  • Location/gender/language-based search options
  • View doctors schedule and plan your consultation accordingly

Support Groups

See how others facing the same challenges as you are tackling them. Share your experiences and help others too

  • Support groups around the most common challenges people face
  • Ability to create new groups as may be needed for specific issues
  • Moderated system to ensure people can share and add value
  • Community based model to learn from others experiences
  • Top valuable posts from group can feature in the trending posts in Journaling section

Get Help

The best mental health experience is to engage in things that stimulates you. Dance, music, yoga, meditation, etc

  • Complementary and allied therapies marketplace can help you find what moves you
  • Search from a wide list of programs and experts in each of the program
  • Experts are available to provide structured & personalized program for you
  • View schedules, make booking, get reminders to ensure you never miss it
  • Connect through live chat, video chat or book offline sessions
  • Group sessions are available for you to be part of the community

Personal Journal

Express yourself freely, anonymously or write a personal diary. All in a committed, non-judgmental, safe space

  • A committed, non-judgmental, safe-space for you to share your innermost thoughts and feelings
  • Ability to read others experiences of struggle or solution for familiarity and inspiration
  • Option to share in an anonymous mode to seek solutions or to find peace by letting out
  • Connect and chat with like minded people including volunteers, counsellors and care-takers
  • Keep your thoughts stored in a safe my diary so you don't forget and can share with others at your comfort
  • While sharing your insecurities with your friend helps, you would rather open about to a non-judgmental stranger
  • Remove the fear of being judged or misused or misunderstood
  • Read real stories from real committed people, not fake social media that make you depressed

Now Feature

Are you feeling overwhelmed and in need of a listening ear? Look no further! We are here to help with an expert team of Solh counselors who are ready to offer a helping hand right when you need it.

You get:

  • On-demand support whenever you feel overwhelmed with emotions.
  • Guidance to navigate the app & get support with ease.
  • Add emergency contacts for raising alarms in future.

Solh Buddy

Your journaling and connected experience will help you connect with the right people for you to help mutually

  • Find others going through similar experiences and you can talk without worrying about a conflict of interest
  • We call it unrelated listening: Matching people based on their profile and the areas they are struggling in
  • See badges, ratings, profile completeness & other attributes of users so know you are safe
  • AI-based matching system to reduce your effort. We suggest the best people for you to connect with

Know Thyself

Take our psychometric tests to identify your current state and choose your mental health journey accordingly

  • Industry standard tests for you to explore multiple avenues of your mental health
  • Identify issues for prevention and early intervention to always be the best of you
  • Retake tests and measure your results against the past to see your progress or identify downtrend
  • Choose the right tools & solutions for yourself

Mood Analytics

From morning blues and energetic noons to busy evenings and hyper nights, your moods resonate your thoughts to a great degree

  • Record your mood as frequently as you can with our Mann and De-mann
  • Measure how you felt over a certain period of day, week, month or year
  • Identify what gave you that feeling of joy or made you sad
  • The best way to know yourself is to track how you feel over a period of time and let the data speak
  • Identify the swings in your mood to further explore your personality

Goal Setting

Goals are game-changers. They keep you going, lets you be true and help you achieve what you set out for

  • Record your goals for short, medium or long term
  • Pause: Build attention to achieve your target
  • Plan: Set a mini goal like smiling once an hour and move into larger ones
  • Proceed: Check your progress regularly and make adjustments
  • Measure: See how you are doing and if you have deviated from where you started
  • Achieve: Know you have reached a milestone. Record your accomplishments